May 29, 2013

#InterestingInfographic – Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Any Situation

There are so many ways to land a job today. You can go through job boards, apply through websites, stalk people on LinkedIn or know somebody in an industry. There is always one barrier between you being employed and you getting the job—the interview. There are also so many ways to do interviews. In person interviews, group interviews, phone interviews, written tests and of course, video interviews. With each of these types, it’s easy to be prepared in knowing who you are and knowing the company. However, curve balls can be thrown at you with who is interviewing you.

The interviewer can completely change the way an interview goes. Their tone, mood, focus and behaviour can show you what they are looking for or how you should act. Being able to read the interviewer in the first few minutes will really help you present yourself and structure your answers to your advantage. For example, if the interviewer comes off as intimidating and seems to be creating a stressful environment then a good tip would be to focus on empirical positive stories that relate to why they should hire you and why you are right for the job. This infographic reveals common interviewer types and how you can approach them during your job interview.



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Written by Mara Celine Javier


Source: Interview Success Formula

Image: Courtesy of FlickR by Thristycactus

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