March 27, 2013

#InterestingInfographic – Anatomy of a Job Interview

Before knowing the ins and outs of a video interview, the foundation of a job interview should be outlined. If you are a mere graduate preparing for your first interview for a paying employer or a veteran worker who needs a refresher before going back into the recruitment process, the first step to take is getting prepared. This infographic will provide you with all the essentials to acing your job interview.
Each interview that you will have in your life will be different. Employers will be different, the type of job you’re applying for may change; but one thing will remain the same—the way you approach the interview. The way to succeed to your maximum potential during a job interview is to be prepared for your average holistic interview, remember your do’s and don’ts and know common interview questions.
In any job interview, you should be yourself and put your best foot forward. Be confident. Show the interviewer why they should hire YOU…

Source: Highest Paying Careers


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Written by Mara Celine Javier


Image: Courtesy of FlickR by It’s Holly

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